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7 Top AI Image Generators From Photo 2023

Posted By: Laura C
Posted On: September 7, 2023

Remember when creating art from photos meant hours of toiling with filters on basic software? Those days are long gone! The evolution of art has witnessed a transformative chapter with the advent of AI-driven art generators. 

What was once a meticulous process of crafting art from photos is now an instant transformation. 2023 has seen an explosion of tools that can metamorphose your regular snapshots into Renaissance masterpieces or sophisticated modern art.

What Are These AI Art Generators?

Imagine these generators as digital artists, driven by complex algorithms, primed to convert ordinary photographs into enthralling art pieces. By analyzing the content, colors, and patterns in a photo, these generators can recreate the image in various styles, mimicking famous artists or even creating entirely new aesthetics.

It’s akin to presenting a picture to legendary artists like Van Gogh or Picasso and seeing them reinterpret it in their signature styles, but with the immediacy and precision of modern technology. The result is a blend of the original photo’s essence with an artistic touch!

For a deeper dive into the foundations of this fascinating tech-art fusion, check out our comprehensive guide, “AI Art 101: What is AI Art & How Does It Work?“, to truly grasp the magic behind these transformations.

AI Art Generators Overview

1. AILab Tools

AILab Tools emerges prominently among AI art generators with its user-centric design. Its meticulously designed platform ensures effortless photo-to-art transitions. Offering nine distinguished filters, it caters to a range of aesthetic preferences, from classical to contemporary.


  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface.


  • Limited artistic choices.
  • Few free credits. 
  • Lacks a subscription model for frequent users.

Best suited for: Individuals starting their journey in AI-based artistry.

2. Artgugu

Artgugu has carved a niche for itself by effortlessly blending user-friendly interfaces with deep artistic interpretations. The platform is clean and straightforward and seamlessly integrates styles and prompts, allowing those unfamiliar with AI tools to navigate with ease. Each transformation echoes an artist’s touch, making memories come alive with a refined grace.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Distinctive artistic output.


  • Outcomes may vary dramatically when uploading photos of people. 

Best suited for: Those new to AI art. 

3. BeFunky

True to its name, BeFunky provides a distinct and vibrant twist to your photos. Beyond the conventional, its rich library draws inspiration from many different styles, offering a unique touch to your photos. This platform’s clean interface ensures smooth navigation, making it ideal for editing without any hitches.


  • Unique and diverse filter range.


  • Subscription are required to remove watermarks. 

Best suited for: Individuals who want to further edit their art post-transformation.

4. DreamStudio by Stability AI

DreamStudio is a testament to the power of prompts. It takes pride in its capability to instill emotion into every artwork. Unlike many platforms that rely solely on filters, it emphasizes the use of prompts to encourage creative freedom. Every photo undergoes a transformation that is not just visual but emotional, creating a narrative that resonates.


  • Combines prompting with image styles. 


  • Image generators can be costly. 

Best suited for: Those seeking depth and emotional resonance in their artworks.

5. Fotor

Fotor shines as a go-to choice for those new to the world of AI image generators. Mixing a user-friendly photo editor with a neat art transformation feature, it offers both preset styles and a ‘Customize’ option for those wanting to add their personal touch. And with the ‘Intensity slider’? Well, it’s like having a volume knob for your art, letting you dial up or down the artistic flair as you see fit. Ideal for those seeking more control over their final masterpiece.


  • Comprehensive range of styles and filters.


  • Watermarks on free credits.
  • No prompting feature. 

Best suited for: Art enthusiasts who prefer a blend of editing and art generation. 

6. FY! Studio

FY! Studio doesn’t just dip its toes in the water – it dives right in. This platform excels at turning photos into art designed for prints and home decor items. Whether you’re aiming to jazz up your space with unique AI-generated art or surprise someone special with a custom-made gift, FY! Studio bridges the gap between digital designs and real-world art pieces.


  • Get unlimited access with a paid subscription. 
  • Opportunity to monetize your creations. 


  • Art generator might seem too basic for some. 

Best suited for: Those wanting to beautify spaces with AI-crafted visuals. 

7. InstaPainting

InstaPainting is akin to a digital art maestro, ensuring each piece reflects timeless beauty. If classical elegance is what you seek in your photographs, this generator should be your top choice.

InstaPainting is where art generation meets commerce. Not only does it let you turn your photos into artistic renditions, but it also provides a platform to feature them as purchasable items. Imagine a space where you can play around with your images, witness their metamorphosis into artwork, and then snag them as one-of-a-kind merchandise, whether that’s prints, clothing, or home decor.


  • Perfect for those looking to try out a variety of photos.


  • Not as many transformation styles as some might prefer.

Best suited for: Individuals eager to own or gift their AI-art as tangible products.

To Sum It Up

Exploring the AI art scene of 2023 is akin to meandering through an avant-garde gallery of the future. Each platform emerges as a distinct maestro, with every photo serving as a blank slate poised for transformation. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the art world or you’ve long been immersed in its depths, there’s an AI virtuoso ready to bring your vision to life. 

These tools transform our perception of art, infusing our photos with an unmatched depth and personality. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just exploring for fun, there’s a unique touch awaiting your creations. Embark on this journey and sculpt your own digital masterpiece!

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