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AI Art Showdown: Midjourney vs. Stable Diffusion vs. DALL-E 2

Posted By: Laura C
Posted On: August 14, 2023

Generated with Midjourney


In the realm of AI tech, a colossal clash has ignited an explosive race in generative image creation. But which contender steals the limelight?

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized image generation, and three major players, MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, and OpenAI’s DALL-E 2, are at the forefront of this digital art revolution.

These generative apps have redefined our interaction with digital content.

So, how do these AI giants stack up against each other? Let’s dive into their features, strengths, and distinct styles.

MidJourney: AI Art Made Easy

Midjourney emerges as a standout in the AI text-to-image scene. Its robust capabilities yield stunning, lifelike visuals, setting it apart from other competitors. While it welcomes even the least tech-savvy users, it requires a Discord account to enter its creative realm.

Engagement happens through chat, a boon for those new to AI, though it might limit transparency and control. Embrace the quirky /imagine command and explore Midjourney’s captivating artistry with just a few words.

This platform swiftly transforms text inputs into visually striking images. However, be prepared for Midjourney’s unique artistic flair, which occasionally adds unexpected twists to your creations.

Features: MidJourney democratizes AI art by offering chat-based interaction for image prompts. Like an artist with its signature style, MidJourney occasionally surprises users with creative interpretations. Some find this unpredictability delightful, while others see it as a limitation.

While its user-friendly approach makes it accessible, the chat-based model sacrifices granular control. Users input a text prompt, and MidJourney brings an image to life. But remember, MidJourney’s algorithm occasionally adds its own creative touch, leading to intriguing yet unpredictable outcomes.

Strengths & Limitations: MidJourney’s simplicity appeals to novices, though its artistic liberty may not always align with user expectations. Additionally, content limitations can feel restrictive for those seeking more daring creations. The $96 annual subscription offers entry into the world of AI art, but advanced artists might seek greater control elsewhere.

Just like DALL-E 2, Midjourney generates four versions, giving you the choice to download or diversify them further. What’s even more exciting is the freedom in image ratios; simply add –ar followed by your preferred ratio, like 3:2, for complete customization.

The results bear the unmistakable mark of Midjourney’s enchantment.

But here’s the true gem: Midjourney’s standout ability lets you upload your images. It crafts prompts, ushering in a realm of fresh creations. Type /describe and upload your image.

Midjourney’s Describe feature in action: Upon upload, it suggests four prompts, each uniquely interpreted.

Example of Midjourney’s Describe feature: Transform these prompts into a brand-new collection of images.

The possibilities are nearly limitless, thanks to Midjourney’s boundless creative flexibility.


High-quality images
Customizable image ratios


Slightly more complicated to use
Discord account required
Image generation time increases after Fast hours

2. Stable Diffusion: Precision Meets Perfection

Stable Diffusion ventures into the Wild West of generative AI, epitomizing innovation. Amidst an array of web-based platforms and installation options, comparing Stable Diffusion to DALL-E 2 and Midjourney isn’t straightforward. The distinction between web versions and installed models profoundly influences options and output quality. In short, the installed Stable Diffusion versions offer enhanced results and limitless creativity.

Features: Rooted in the belief that art and tech can harmonize, Stable Diffusion serves as the bedrock of leading AI art platforms.

It champions an open-source ethos, enabling enthusiasts to experiment. Beyond creating art, Stable Diffusion empowers users to fine-tune to perfection. While resolution peaks at 512×512 pixels, innovative scaling techniques yield crisp visuals.

Strengths & Limitations: The platform’s capacity for inpainting and outpainting is remarkable. Compatibility with third-party plugins adds flexibility. However, this power comes with a cost – optimal results demand robust hardware, particularly an Nvidia RTX 2000-series GPU or equivalent.

Stable Diffusion within DreamStudio presents a layout that, while slightly busier than that of DALL-E 2 and Midjourney, maintains its user-friendly essence. Trial users are granted a generous allocation of 200 free credits, acting as a catalyst for their creative journey. The enchantment unfolds within the Prompt box, where your ideas materialize. But the thrill doesn’t halt there – the Negative Prompt box stands ready to accompany you, enabling you to customize Stable Diffusion by excluding specific elements and adding a personalized touch.

Venture into the left menu and explore crucial features that can influence your image outcome and credit expenditure. Encounter Style options, the Upload Image feature, and Settings to customize ratios and image quantities. Dive deeper into the Advanced tab, where you’ll find Prompt Strength, Generation Steps, Seed, and Model – each with a brief description upon hovering.

Keep in mind that the true excitement stems from firsthand experimentation with these features. However, it’s worth noting that this isn’t a simple one-credit-for-one-image arrangement.

One standout star in DreamStudio’s Stable Diffusion ensemble is undoubtedly the Negative Prompt. Renowned across various Stable Diffusion iterations, this feature enhances overall image quality. When harnessed effectively, Negative Prompts work like a charm, although honing your desired look may occasionally require a few credits.

Your journey to visual perfection is as thrilling as it is rewarding.


Multiple options for web and installed versions
Greater creative freedom (censorship-free images possible on select versions)
Extensive controls to tailor image parameters


Paid versions can deplete credits swiftly
Steeper learning curve
Image quality varies widely depending on the version in use

3. DALL-E 2: The Evolutionary Leap

The original DALL-E was a revolution, introducing the world to the concept of AI art. DALL-E 2 represents OpenAI’s endeavor to reclaim the spotlight by pushing technological boundaries. It invites you into a world of creativity with its user-friendly interface, bringing forth four versions of a prompt, ready for your refinement or preservation. No third-party sign-ups are needed – just head to the website, pop your text into the Generate box, and voilà, an image emerges.

Features: Its revamped text encoders ensure that image outputs closely match the inputs, leading to high-resolution and consistent images. Notably, a two-stage generation process is introduced, wherein images are initially drafted and then meticulously refined, imbuing them with depth and intricacy.

Where DALL-E 2 truly shines is in the art of crafting and fusing multiple images. Select your preferred image, opt for Edit, and unleash the prowess of the Add Generation Frame feature. This spellbinding ability permits you to infuse your creation with extra layers of image magic.

Strengths & Limitations: Its power is undeniable, but it’s also resource-hungry, necessitating high-end GPUs with a minimum of 6GB VRAM for optimal outcomes. While its pre-trained models are robust, the platform as a whole could benefit from broader capabilities.


User-friendly interface
Abundant creative flexibility
No reliance on third-party platforms


Images tend to be simplistic
Notable precision is lacking
Limited to square image creation

Which Is the Better App?

Deciding among the top contenders – DALL-E 2, Midjourney, or Stable Diffusion – offers a delightful conundrum. Your choice hinges on distinct expectations and the array of app versions that defy direct

If you need help crafting prompts, we’ve got a guide: Art From Words: Create Epic AI Art With Prompts

Which Is the Better App?

Deciding between the top contenders – DALL-E 2, Midjourney, or Stable Diffusion – is a delightful puzzle. Your choice hinges on unique expectations and varied app versions that defy direct comparison. However, let’s dissect each contender by these yardsticks.

Image Quality Ranking

Midjourney emerges as the enchantress, conjuring the most mesmerizing images in our sample. Its realism and artistry outshone DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion.

User-Friendly Charm

Straight out of the gate, DALL-E 2 claims the ease-of-use crown. Its simplicity shines, with a straightforward menu and no third-party app requirements.

Features & Compatibilities 

Midjourney takes the spotlight here, boasting a treasure trove of features and capabilities that consistently birth high-quality images.


DALL-E 2 dashes ahead, rendering images the quickest (around 12 seconds). Stable Diffusion trails closely, with Midjourney (in Fast mode) lagging behind.

Customization Haven

Stable Diffusion reigns supreme in the realm of flexibility and personalization. Its evolving versions unleash uncensored creativity and even mimic Midjourney’s essence.

Midjourney and DALL-E 2 tie for category victories, yet the ultimate crown belongs to Midjourney, crowned for its image enchantment.

The Verdict: Which Titan Triumphs?

The choice of platform is intrinsically tied to the artist’s purpose:

MidJourney offers a casual, beginner-friendly introduction.
Stable Diffusion is a haven for professionals demanding precision and control.
DALL-E 2 stands as a beacon for the avant-garde, redefining the art-tech interface.

These platforms, in all their splendor and limitations, cater to diverse artists, from the hobbyist to the maestro. Their evolving capabilities challenge traditional artistic notions, offering an expansive palette in the digital domain.

The creative soul remains unchanged, even as brushes turn digital and canvases transform into screens. In this vibrant dance of tech and artistry, the crescendo is only building. As we move forward, the line between man’s creation and machine’s rendition will blur, leading to a future where art’s essence remains eternal, even as its manifestations evolve.

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