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Is Non-Human Created Art Still Art?

Posted By: Laura C
Posted On: August 24, 2023

The Debate Over AI-Generated Art

It’s a brave new world out there. Alongside innovative AI image-generators like Midjourney, DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion, we’re seeing the very boundaries of art and creativity being stretched. Yet, as these programs dazzle with digital masterpieces, a timeless question echoes in the galleries: Can AI creations genuinely be termed ‘art’? 

Art, in all its splendid forms, has always been a mirror to society. For those who’ve ever delved into art history (and if you haven’t, you might want to check out our deep dive in “Beyond the Canvas“), it’s evident that art movements from the Renaissance to contemporary times have profoundly influenced the art world. These periods have showcased not only masterful techniques but also the sentiments and zeitgeist of their times.

In today’s digital age, art has evolved once more, blurring the lines between human creativity and artificial intelligence.

The Line Between Good & Great Art

“To be or not to be…original?” That’s the question!

AI, with its vast algorithms and digital prowess, has mastered the art of imitation. Be it a sweeping landscape, an abstract explosion of colors, or a hauntingly detailed portrait, these AI tools can produce images that are often indistinguishable from human-made art—at least at a glance.

Mimicry vs. Mastery: It’s one thing to replicate the brush strokes of Van Gogh or the subtle hues of Monet. Yet critics point out the chasm between merely copying styles and truly innovating. Authentic art, they argue, stems from lived experiences, from emotions, and from stories that an artist wishes to tell. AI might mimic these stories, but can it ever truly “feel” them?

Top: Vincent van Gogh, ‘Starry Night’ / Bottom: Generated by Midjourney


AI in Music & Performative Arts

The realm of rhythm and melodies, once believed to be the last bastion of human creativity, isn’t impervious to AI’s touch. Whether it’s composing tunes, generating lyrics, or even creating intricate symphonies, AI can do it all.

Tuning the Tech: Film scores and background music in TV shows might soon see AI composers becoming the norm. However, when it comes to genres rooted deeply in human emotions and spontaneity, like jazz or blues, AI’s compositions can feel a tad…mechanical.

Generated by Midjourney

The Animation Industry & AI’s Role

Animation, the magical bridge between reality and imagination, is in the midst of a digital upheaval. AI offers faster rendering, intuitive character designs, and can even assist in storyline predictions.

Pixel Pioneers vs. Traditional Titans: As AI streamlines animation processes, there’s an unmistakable lean towards older, more intimate animation techniques. Hand-drawn scenes and painstaking stop-motion animation are making a comeback, a clear testament to our yearning for the ‘human touch’.

Credit: Tamoqu via Deviant Art


The Melding of Man & Machine

Could AI, with its vast database and seemingly random outputs, actually be on to something?

Unconscious Creation: There’s a theory making the rounds. Some believe that AI, in its unique way, taps into a kind of “collective unconscious”. It pulls from a myriad of sources, amalgamating them into something strangely new. By guiding and not dictating the creative process, AI could be the ultimate muse for the modern artist.

Technology & Art: A Historical Perspective

Every time a groundbreaking technology emerges, it’s greeted with a mix of awe and skepticism. When the radio made its debut, critics feared it would sound the death knell for live performances. The rise of AI in the world of art is no different.

Evolution, Not Extinction: Technologies, be they the printing press or the camera, have always eventually found a harmonious existence within the realm of art. They evolve, adapt, and become part and parcel of the very fabric of creativity.

Credit: Getty Images

The Essence of Art

Beyond techniques and mediums, art, in its purest form, is about emotion. It’s about that tug at the heartstrings, the memories evoked by a melody, or the introspection triggered by a painting.

The Soulful Quandary: While AI can, without a doubt, replicate patterns and designs with astonishing accuracy, can it ever infuse its creations with soul? Only time and technology will tell.

AI’s Potential in Design & Architecture

While art is open to interpretation, architecture needs precision. Here, AI has made an undeniable mark.

Beyond Blueprints: In practical aspects like optimizing structural designs, analyzing environmental factors, and even predicting future wear and tear, AI shines. But when it comes to crafting spaces that resonate with human emotions, the architect’s intuition remains unparalleled.

Generated by Midjourney

The Evolving Landscape of Creativity

In this digital renaissance, as brushes meet bytes, AI isn’t just an intruder but a collaborator. It challenges, provokes, and pushes boundaries. As we stand on the cusp of this transformative era, it’s evident that the canvas of creativity is expansive enough for both man and machine. The art world, it seems, is in for an exhilarating makeover!

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