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Midjourney Adds Image Inpainting 

Posted By: Laura C
Posted On: August 23, 2023

Credit: Bootcamp

The AI Imaging Revolution and MidJourney’s Innovation

The popular image generator is adding a feature that many AI art enthusiasts have asked for since day one!

In the rapid, ever-evolving tech landscape, we’ve witnessed groundbreaking innovations that push boundaries. MidJourney, a dominant force in the realm of generative AI image creation, has remained at the forefront.

With the debut of its “Vary (Region)” and the eagerly-awaited Inpainting tool, i.e., painting over parts of an image, the company is taking giant strides, heralding a paradigm shift. For AI aficionados, these additions are a dream come true, holding the potential to redefine and streamline the image editing journey.

Get acquainted with this AI image generator, and learn “How to Achieve the Best Images with Midjourney” before we begin!

Midjourney’s New Inpainting Tool Explained

Mirroring the capabilities of Adobe’s Generative Fill, it enables users to modify specific sections of their image while preserving the remainder untouched. Curious to explore its potential, we embarked on a creative venture, producing a series of images using this tool.

How to Utilize MidJourney’s Inpainting Tool?

  1. Initiate the image generation with the /imagine command and desired prompts.
  2. Upon receiving the grid, enlarge your chosen image(s).
  3. Now, select potential changes for the enlarged piece, and opt for the “Vary (Region)” feature.
  4. A range of area selection options appear, offering both rectangular and freeform choices. Finalize your area, input your new prompt, and submit.


While exploring the tool, we conceptualized an “old man sitting in a park wearing a hat” scenario. The resultant images, particularly after modifying them to different themes or seasons, revealed the tool’s potential. Notably, clear selection boundaries are pivotal for seamless edits.

Moreover, with some iterative edits, we transformed the image, tweaking the background or the man’s attire, showcasing the tool’s flexibility and range.


From mood alterations to refining challenging AI-rendered elements, this tool is versatile. Whether you’re fine-tuning background elements or completely revamping image sections, its capabilities are expansive. Note, though, unlike Adobe’s Generative Fill, MidJourney’s tool doesn’t cater to real images. Nonetheless, for AI artwork aficionados, this tool emerges as an invaluable asset.

A Seamless Editing Exploration

The brilliance of “Vary (Region)” and the Inpainting tool lies in their ability to grant users unparalleled command over image modifications. Historically, rectifying or enhancing specific elements required multiple regeneration cycles or intricate manipulations. But with these new features, image editing is a breeze. Users can, without needing expert Photoshop proficiency, transform their visions into reality, bridging the chasm between what is and what can be.

Going Beyond the Canvas with Outpainting

Credit: Flipboard

However, MidJourney’s ingenuity isn’t limited to inpainting. Enter outpainting, “Zoom Out” feature, which comes with two settings: “Zoom Out 2x” and “Zoom Out 1.5x“. With them, you can make your image look like you’ve taken a step back, showing more of the scene and widening your field of view.

Tips from the MidJourney Maestros

MidJourney’s dedication shines not only through their pioneering tools but also their guidance. To enhance Inpainting’s prowess:

  • Engage with larger image segments, preferably covering 20-50% of the total area.
  • Ensure the introduced modifications seamlessly blend with the original image context. For example, avoid juxtaposing dolphins with desert landscapes.
  • Incorporate accessories that seamlessly merge with the primary subject and the image’s overarching narrative.

A Glimpse Ahead

Peering into MidJourney’s roadmap, it’s evident their aspirations are vast. Beyond Inpainting, a standalone website mirroring Stability AI’s DreamStudio is on the horizon. This portal, slated for a unique domain launch, teases interactive social features and engaging surveys.

Additionally, mobile enthusiasts can anticipate native iOS and a versatile Android app. Prioritizing user experience enhancements, platform optimization, and introducing avant-garde features like a novel aesthetic style, MidJourney is poised to redefine AI image generation.

Navigating the Future of AI Imaging

Reflecting on MidJourney’s recent forays, especially the innovative “Vary (Region)” and the lauded Inpainting tool, paints a clear picture. AI is on an inexorable trajectory towards crafting user-focused, polished solutions. For industry stalwarts, budding enthusiasts, or the casual hobbyist, the AI imaging vista beckons with luminous potential, inviting all to immerse in its boundless opportunities.

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